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Mathematics GSE Position Statement

As the mathematics standards review process gets underway, GCTM has adopted a position statement regarding the Mathematics GSE. The statement includes data showing the increase in student achievement over the last several years as the current standards have been implemented.

Click here to read the position statement.

Standards Update

In July 2019, The Georgia Department of Education released surveys on the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Mathematics and English Language Arts. Both surveys were made available to all stakeholders, including teachers, educational leaders, business/industry, and community members. In total, from July 23 to September 26, nearly 14,000 Georgians completed the math survey and more than 11,000 completed the ELA survey.

Click here to view the survey results and review process timeline.

Stay Informed!

You can use the following links to stay current on topics of interest to teachers related to public education:

    Make Your Voice Heard!

    All of us need to be aware of issues related to mathematics education in Georgia and to speak out about issues that impact our students' learning of mathematics.

    Do you want to contact your Georgia and U.S. legislators or some other government officials?

    Here are some sample letters you might use as models for a letter to your legislator:

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