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Responding to COVID-19

During these days of uncertainty created by COVID-19, we are all being challenged to live our lives in a manner much different than previously required. Actions of compassion, such as social distancing, are crucial to prevent community spread and protect the most vulnerable among us. We are having to make necessary choices that benefit the greater good while creating hardships for many. Teachers are asked to provide instruction on a regular basis through medium not used previously or only on a limited basis.

As educators, we realize that being a teacher is much more than engaging students in content instruction. Students bring multiple identities, strengths, and challenges to the classroom that teachers address. Schools provide a safe environment and nutritious meals that many students may not have otherwise. It can be overwhelming to try to address all the needs. It is important to remember what matters most and practice patience, showing grace to ourselves and others as we navigate uncharted waters. Find what brings well-being and peace to you and practice self-care. Reach out to others for support and/or offer support. Emily Tate gives advice to teachers and parents in an EdSurge article “’Let Yourself Off the Hook’: Advice for Teachers and Parents During COVID-19” that can be found at

The GaDOE Mathematics team is working to provide additional resources beyond those included on their page

NCTM is providing free resources to teachers and including free webinars for teaching online,

We are all in this together, and together we will find strength and resilience to face the demands of these days. Stay connected with us through social media: @gctm_math on Twitter and Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM) on Facebook.

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