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Resources for Digital Classrooms and Professional Development

Becky Gammill
Publications Editor

Editor's Note

Given that the Fall issue will be published mid-August to early September, I wanted to rerun these online resources.  We don't know what the new school year has in store as each school district is facing budget cuts while simultaneously having to address the CDC precaution guidelines through a variety of ways.  Finding online resources should not be a chore for you, and GCTM is here to help.  



 Other Related information

Zoom - Digital Conferencing ZOOM  Use your teacher email to get a trial version with their premium features
Kahoot  Kahoot Right Now, Kahoot is offering free premium features to all teachers. 
NCTM 100 Days of Professional Learning

Live, free webinars presented by speakers selected from the NCTM Centennial Annual Meeting program that was to be held in Chicago. The first week features presentations by NCTM President Robert Berry, President-Elect Trena Wilkerson, Laila Nur, and David Barnes. Find more information and register online.

NCTM Additional Free Resources


NCTM is also offering a free trial membership to give teachers additional membership benefits during this time. 

Desmos https://www.desmos.com/  Free graphing calculator and classroom activities
Amazing Educational Resources


 This list of resources has grown tremendously and has a variety of resources for different content areas and instructional tools. 
GaDOE  Curated Resources by Grade-level  This resource is a PDF format.
GeoGebra https://www.geogebra.org/
Adding more modules and webinars everyday. 

In the next issue, I plan to give you tips and tricks for using a 360 classroom.  This style of teaching is something that I used in the 2019 to 2020 school year, and I can personally attest that student engagement increased dramatically while behavior problems decreased substantially. For now, you are welcome to check out my class blog for more information about teaching in a 360 classroom. 

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