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Georgia Mathematics Conference 2020

Tashana Howse
Conference Board Chair

During our May meeting, the Contingency Plan Committee discussed multiple mandates/changes from the state related to COVID-19 and budget cuts to determine whether GMC 2020 be delivered as a virtual conference. The committee unanimously agreed that GMC 2020 be conducted virtually. As a result, the GMC Board is currently planning for a virtual conference.  Although a virtual conference is not ideal, a virtual conference will be an opportunity for GMC to be accessible to ALL of Georgia's mathematics teachers in the convenience of their own homes and/or classrooms.   Please check our GMC page for the most current information about the virtual GMC coming soon. 

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Susan Imrie at office_manager@gctm.org.

To report issues with the website, please contact Bill Shillito at webmaster@gctm.org.

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