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Meet GCTM's Secretary

Storie Atkins
GCTM Secretary

I never had the privilege of meeting former GCTM Secretary, Dr. William “Billy” Lacefield, and I recall having a bit of “I’m not worthy” feelings after reading the Reflection’s article announcing his passing and describing him as the quintessential mathematics educator.  Not only was Billy a Mensa-level genius, but he also made a lasting impact on our math community.  According to the article, “his former students’ faces brightened when talking about the effect he had on their attitudes toward mathematics.” 

What a magnificent impact he must have had, and what a marvelous way to capture his passion for math education!  As teachers, we can all be inspired by the legacy Billy left behind. Needless to say, I knew I had “big shoes to fill” when I assumed the position as Secretary of GCTM, serving out Billy’s term. Taking down the meeting minutes was my initial assumption of the job, and all I can say is “Thank you, Zoom recordings!”  The job, however, is so much more than secretarial work.  When I take a break from typing and listening to the recordings, I’m awed by the exchange among board members.  At the heart of each discussion is a constant commitment to supporting Georgia’s students and teachers.  Even while expressing differences of opinion or tackling tough topics, the conversation remains focused on serving Georgia’s math community.  Being part of the board has certainly brightened my face and had a positive impact on my attitude toward mathematics.  Billy would be proud!  I’m honored to serve Billy’s term as secretary, and I look forward to serving this mathematically excellent community in the future.     

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