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NCTM Atlanta!

Marian Dingle
NCTM Representative

The Annual Meeting Prepares for 2021

The program committee has begun its planning for the NCTM Annual Meeting that will be held in September 2021. In February, we met at NCTM Headquarters in Reston, Virginia. It was a whirlwind, but we set the groundwork for a series of strands connected by a theme of which we are proud. More details will be shared in the coming months.

      (Photo credit: Dee Peyton)

NCTM Provides Free Resources for Online Learning

Right now, NCTM is offering a free trial membership, free webinars, and 100 days of professional learning.  In an effort to meet the needs of teachers as many schools shift learning to digital formats, NCTM is there to provide resources for professional learning and teaching. 

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