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Spring into Membership Renewal

Susan Craig
Membership Director

Suddenly the winter, if you can call it that, has sent spring break to us flowing down our flooded rivers, streets and schoolyards - 3.5 inches in my rain gauge over the past three days and more than 25 inches since January.  Also, as I write this, the news is spouting numbers of those affected by the coronavirus.  Those numbers are of great concern.  Mathematics and data play such an important role in our daily well-being.

I can image the activities I might have used in my pre-retirement classroom to explore these data and predictions. Also Pi Day activities, motion experiments, sound waves to model trigonometric functions, make science connections, and build musical instruments.  

Where did I first see and learn of these applications?  At the Georgia Mathematics Conference, of course!  At the T3 calculator workshops and other locally sponsored conferences initiated by GCTM and NCTM.

GCTM membership currently stands at 1170 members.

Annual members                      458

Life members                             356

Student Members                     349

Retired Members                           7

We can double that number with your help!

Please encourage our new teachers to become members of GCTM. Don’t just mention it once. Repeatedly let them know of the good they can bring to their teaching through this wonderful professional organization.

Tell them about the Summer Academies. Information is in this issue and on the GCTM website.  They are a amazing experience to start a career relationship with GCTM!

Something new on the recent new design of our webpage. We have official Membership Cards on your online membership record. You can print a card from the GCTM website. While you are there, check your personal data. Do you have your region correctly recorded? Take a look at the map of counties and correct any error or omission. We live in the Southeast USA, but every one does not live in the GCTM Southeast Region.

Have a wonderful and beautiful springtime!

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Susan Imrie at office_manager@gctm.org.

To report issues with the website, please contact Bill Shillito at webmaster@gctm.org.

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