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The ARML Tournament

The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML), is an annual, national high school mathematics team competition held simultaneously at four locations in the United States: the University of Iowa, Penn State, UNLV, and the newly added site at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Past sites have included San Jose and at Duke University.

ARML is a prestigious, national math tournament that is often called the "World Series of Mathematics Competitions". Over 140 teams participate, comprised of over 2100 students from all over the U.S. as well as Canada, China, Macau, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Any geographically contiguous region may enter as many 15-person teams as it likes, whether that region is as small as a school district or as large as a state, as long as regions do not overlap. Georgia fields three teams of 15 students (plus three alternates, for a total of 48 students). Students are selected based on results from the state tournament, AMC scores, AIME scores, and winning scores at other Georgia tournaments. The Georgia A1 and A2 teams are made up of experienced ARML participants, while the Georgia A3 team is considered "training" teams made up of promising newcomers to ARML.

The ARML tournament brings together the nation's finest students, where they meet, compete, and socialize, forming friendships and sharpening their mathematical skills. The contest is written for high school students, although some highly-talented middle and elementary school students attend each year.

The tournament consists of four rounds. The Team Round is first, in which the 15 teammates have 20 minutes to solve 10 problems. Next is the Power Round, in which the team has 60 minutes to write proofs to complex, multi-part problems. Next is the only round that is not team-oriented, appropriately called the Individual Round. For this round, each student solves 10 problems independently. However, the students receive the problems two-at-a-time with a time limit of 10 minutes per pair of problems. These problems are designed to challenge the best students. After a lunch break is the final round, the Relay Round. The 15 teammates form five relay teams of three each, where one person's answer is used in the next person's problem.

National sponsorship of ARML is mainly provided by the D.E. Shaw Group, an investment and technology development firm. Other national sponsors include the American Mathematical Society, Art of Problem Solving, Key Curriculum Press, Math League, Mu Alpha Theta, and Wolfram Research. Locally, sponsorship of the Georgia ARML teams is mainly provided by GCTM.

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