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From the President's Pen

Encouraging an Informed Active Interest in Mathematics and in Mathematics Education

Denise Huddlestun
GCTM President

Happy New Year! With the beginning of any new year, and particularly as the new year ends with a “0,” many people make New Year’s resolutions. I was curious about the most common resolutions for 2020 and found the following at https://cdn.statcdn.com/Infographic/images/normal/20309.jpeg.

Many of us probably made one or more of these as resolutions to adopt in 2020. I found it interesting the closing session at the 2019 GMC spoke to the 4th top resolution, “improve mental well-being.” I also hope we all add encouraging an informed active interest in mathematics and mathematics education as actions to take for a renewed commitment for self-improvement.

The 20’s of this century have many important events happening for mathematics educators in Georgia that provide GCTM members excellent opportunities to “encourage an active interest in mathematics and in mathematics education,” the second bullet of the GCTM mission statement. The review of the Georgia Standards of Excellence is already underway. Realizing that skills essential for an educated workforce include critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and communication, GCTM members can encourage an informed interest in a quality mathematics education by sharing the Position Statement on the standards as well as sharing the video that was recorded at the 2019 GMC conference. Many GCTM members are serving on the Teacher Working Committees (January and February 2020) and/or the Academic Review Committee (March 2020). The draft standards will be posted for public comment during May 2020 with the adoption scheduled for June 2020. Next school year will be a time for resource development and professional learning on the adopted standards.

Math Day at the Capitol is planned for Tuesday, February 11. GCTM officers will promote a high-quality mathematics education and encourage an active interest in mathematics and mathematics education when they engage in conversations with key state lawmakers. Lawmakers are encouraged to reach out to GCTM if laws related to education are considered.

Annually, GCTM hosts Summer Academies and the Georgia Mathematics Conference (GMC) in October. Additionally, GCTM will host the NCTM Annual Conference in Atlanta September 22 through 25 in 2021. Thousands of mathematics educators as well as national and international speakers will be in Georgia. Teachers will have the opportunity to attend the national conference in GA and the annual GMC one month later at Rock Eagle 4–H Center. The 2021 program committee is already hard at work with a list of potential speakers and planning to support the implementation of the mathematics standards adopted in 2020.

I hope that you will take time for self-care as you continue to provide a quality mathematics education to the students in your classroom. GCTM is here for you as you remain committed to learn and grow within your mathematics education profession.

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