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The Mini-Grant program has being implemented to provide funding for creative teaching projects.  The deadline for applications is November 1st of the current year.  Applications will be reviewed in early November and winners will be notified by November 30th.

Proposals will be judged anonymously, and grants will be awarded in any amount up to $300.00.  

Each winner should be willing to either write an article for Reflections, the GCTM publication, or participate on a panel with other Mini-Grant winners at the following Georgia Math Conference.

The criteria upon which this application will be evaluated are:

  • Creativity, innovation
  • Potential impact upon student achievement
  • Potential for replication by and dissemination to other teachers
  • Advancement of NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
  • Unavailability of funding from local sources

In completing the application, please:

  • Do not submit more than one application. Only the first application for grant money will be considered. All others will be denied.
  • Do not request supplies normally provided by your school. Your application will be reviewed by school officials, and applications requesting such materials will be denied.
  • Do not apply if you intend to resign prior to the next school year. If a teacher resigns, he or she will forfeit award of the grant money.
  • Do have your principal complete the Principal Approval form.

Please use the following checklist for requirements:

  • Is the description of the proposed project clear? Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Is the proposed project innovative, creative, and educational? Does it relate to classroom studies?
  • Can this project be easily adapted for use by other classroom teachers?
  • Does this project advance the implementation of NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics?
  • Are you willing to share the results of your project with GCTM members via a Reflections article or participation on a panel of Mini-Grant awardees?

After consideration of all applications, the Mini-Grants Review Committee will approve an application for funding or disapprove the application. Any application that is not approved may be resubmitted for consideration the following grant period.

To apply for a Mini-Grant, click on the links below. If you have any questions, please email our Vice-President of Honors and Awards, at awards@gctm.org.

Mini-Grant Application

Principal Approval Form

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Susan Imrie at office_manager@gctm.org.

To report issues with the website, please submit an IT Request Form or contact Bill Shillito at webmaster@gctm.org

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